E.O.T.C. 19th November 2012

Today we went to the ‘Air Force Museum.’ Tell your parents what you learnt today. Here are some pictures to help you!


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Vintage Car outside Room 21

This wonderful vintage car was on

display at the school on Tuesday.

1. How old is this car?

2. Why is this car called a ‘vintage’ car?

3. What 3 main parts does this car ‘not’ have that a modern day car does have?

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E.O.T.C. 19th – 23rd November 2012.

The Middle School is about to undertake the ‘TRANSPORT ADVENTURE’ that is E.O.T.C. Here are a few things for you to think about BEFORE next week!

On Monday we are going to The Air-force Museum. Can you name the following aeroplanes?

On Tuesday we are going to Quail island. Can you see the jetty?

Can you find the leper graves?

Where is the Heritage Centre?

On Wednesday we are going on a Steam Train!

What fuel  does a Steam Train use?

Can you name 5 parts of a Steam Train?

On Thursday we are at school having fun decorating our own form of transport and on Friday we are going to the Groynes! What a week to look forward to!

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‘Steam Trains.’

This week Room 21 is looking at STEAM TRAINS. You will have to do some ‘research’ to answer the following questions.

1. Who was Thomas Newcomen?

2. Who was James Watt?

3. What ‘fuel’ does a steam train use?

4. Can you explain what these words mean – boiler, pistons, firebox and connecting rods?

Please post your answers on the blog.


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Room 21 has been looking at the differences between the first bicycles built around 1800 and the modern bicycle. See if you can list 10 differences between these two pictures. For example, the modern bicycle has brakes, gears and a chain.  Please post the differences on the blog.


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Land, Sea or Air?

Room 21 have been talking about the different forms of transport. My challenge for you is to see if  YOU can name all the different forms of transport in the following pictures. You MUST post this information on our blog. You might like to divide the transport types into – LAND SEA and AIR.  Come to school tomorrow with a story you can tell the class about an experience you have had on one of these forms of transport.


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Term 4 2012 – Welcome back!

Welcome back to Term 4 2012. See if you can guess our ‘theme’ for this term. Look carefully at the following pictures. Post a comment on the blog with your guess.


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