Room 21 has been looking at the differences between the first bicycles built around 1800 and the modern bicycle. See if you can list 10 differences between these two pictures. For example, the modern bicycle has brakes, gears and a chain.  Please post the differences on the blog.



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3 responses to “‘BICYCLES’

  1. Kaitlyn Sutherland

    The penny Farthing has two different sized wheels – on the new bike they are the same size.
    On the penny farthing the handle bars bend down and on the new bike they rise up
    On the old bike the pedals are in the centre of the wheel
    You cant touch the ground on the old bike
    The frames are a different shape
    The old bike has much thinner tires
    the new bike seat is much higher
    the spokes are different
    the rider is not wearing a helmet on the old bike

  2. Patrick Ryan

    Hi Mr.Eames
    I’s easy to list 10 dirffintse.
    1.The pedal’s.
    2.The chain.
    3.The shape of the a handill-bar’s.
    4.The onkunffdbill set.
    5.The wooden wheel’s.
    6.The sock-agsorbers.
    7.The gear’s.
    8.The safty-light.
    9.The mud gurd.
    10.The safty bell.
    From Patrick.

  3. Logan King

    That has been fun learning about bicyles

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