Land, Sea or Air?

Room 21 have been talking about the different forms of transport. My challenge for you is to see if  YOU can name all the different forms of transport in the following pictures. You MUST post this information on our blog. You might like to divide the transport types into – LAND SEA and AIR.  Come to school tomorrow with a story you can tell the class about an experience you have had on one of these forms of transport.



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2 responses to “Land, Sea or Air?

  1. Logan King

    Hello Mr.Eames I liked Labour weekend did you?

    truck, train, sports car, forklift, fire engine, double decker bus, car, steam train

    boat, yacht

    plane, helicopter

  2. Great interest show in this Topic! Very well done Logan! I am proud of you! I look forward to hearing your story!

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