Chapter Five: CHARLOTTE

1. Why didn’t Wilbur sleep well that night?

2. What did the voice say to Wilbur in his dream?

3. How did Charlotte explain the word ‘salutations’?

4. What did Charlotte say to Wilbur about his meals?

5. In your opinion how did Wilbur feel about Charlotte?



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One response to “Chapter Five: CHARLOTTE

  1. Patrick Ryan

    Hi Mr.Eames
    I’m pretty sure I know all the answers?The answers are:
    1.Wilbur did’ent sleep well because he was thinking to much about geting killed.
    2.The voice said in a kind why go back to sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.
    3.Salutations was a greting.
    4.I’m pretty sure Charlotte said the farm’is are geving you fat food so they can kill you and have you for there chrismas or she said leve some for Tempelten.
    5.Wilbur falt a bit funny because his new freind was bloud thirsty.
    Hope there all rit.
    From Patrick

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