Charlotte’s Web – E. B. White

Room 21 is reading Charlotte’s Web. This story is about a pig named Wilbur and an intelligent spider named Charlotte.

Where is the main setting for this story?

Who are the main characters in this story?

What is the problem in this story?





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4 responses to “Charlotte’s Web – E. B. White

  1. Logan King

    Hi Mr. Eames its Logan i’m feeling better

    1.the main setting is on the farm.

    2.the main characters are charlotte wilbur and fern.

    3.the problem is wilbur almost eaten and lost in the woods.

  2. Welcome back! We have missed you – hope you are feeling a lot better!

  3. Ted

    Hi Mr.Eames
    1.The setting is the farm.
    2.The main characters are Charlotte and Wilbur .
    3.The problem is the farmers are going to eat Wilbur.

    👱! Ted.

  4. Patrick Ryan

    Hi Mr Eames
    I know the questions. the answers are;
    1. The setting is the farm
    2. The main characters are Wilbur and Charlotte
    3.The problem was!that the Zukkermans were planning to faten Wilbur and shoot him at chrismas.But now I think that all the crowds are the problem?
    Hope there rite.
    From Patrick

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