Mark Inglis visits Room 21.

On Thursday 30th August 2012 Mark Inglis spoke to the children at Paparoa Street School. The visit was truly amazing and there have been many ‘rich conversations’ taking place in classrooms – after his visit.

1. What did you learn from Mark?

2. What is your ‘MOUNTAIN?’

3. Talk to other people and share your dream.

4. Why is your ATTITUDE so important?



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3 responses to “Mark Inglis visits Room 21.

  1. Kaitlyn Sutherland

    Hi Mr Eames
    From Mark I learnt to Never say Never, and if you make a mistake don’t let it stop you from achieving your dream, keep trying until you get it right. Practice, Practice, Practice makes Perfect. Having a positive attitude is important because it helps other people to join in and help you along the way, because they feel your desire to achieve your goal as well. The thing that makes you great is that you always have confidence in us and a positive attitude Mr Eames. From Kaitlyn.

  2. Logan King

    hi Mr.Eames
    it was totally fun when mark inglis came to talk to us.i learnt to always have a goal and then you achieve it. my goal is to be olympic rower and a commonwealth rower to represent new zealand.

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