Room 21 is looking at ‘remarkable’ New Zealanders – and we have the visit of a truly remarkable New Zealander on Thursday – Mark Inglis. Mark is the first double amputee to get to the top of Mount Everest. Mount Everest was Mark’s dream!

What is YOUR dream?



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3 responses to “MARK INGLIS.

  1. Patrick Ryan

    Hi Mr.Eames I am very excited about Mark Inglis comging!oh and my mountin is to be a famous pilot and to do that I will have to go to university for 5 years I will have to practice lots and have to save money.
    From Patrick

  2. Ted

    Hi Mr Eames my mountain is to be a car designer (Hot rods) I will do this by
    keeping drawing my pictures and studying hard. I can’t wait till Thursday!
    From Ted.👱

  3. Kaitlyn Sutherland

    Don’t you think Mark Inglis is a pretty cool guy. I learnt lots of interesting things. Oh yes! my dream is to train puppies to become police dogs, because they are a great help.
    From Kaitlyn.

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