Zimbabwe wins GOLD!

Zimbabwe has won an historic victory at the Paparoa Street School Olympic Games. Competing against super-powers such as China, USA, Great Britain and Australia, Zimbabwe punched above its weight! From the opening chant – lions roar, eagles soar – Zimbabwe was clearly the team to beat.

Congratulations to Rooms 1 and 21 for demonstrating excellent team spirit, sportsmanship and endurance. Mr Harding presented the winning 60 athletes with gold medals at the closing ceremony.

Zimbabwe looks forward to Rio in 2016!



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5 responses to “Zimbabwe wins GOLD!

  1. Amanda

    Thanks should go to the awesome ‘team manager’ (Mr Eames)

  2. Patrick Ryan

    Hi Mr.Eames and you’re right wining the Paparoa street Olympics was great. I was even scerd when the announcement came.My brother thinks his team Canada came second but it was New Zealand.
    From Patrick.

  3. You are right Patrick! Zimbabwe and Room 21 is still very proud!
    You remain a pleasure to teach and have in Room 21!

  4. isabellaG!

    good job team 21! you dezerv it!

  5. Logan King

    Hi Mr.Eames it was very fun with room 1 and 21 olympic day the chant was great and I enjoyed it.my sister team Germany came 3rd.

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