Olympic Gold Medals

Can you name these athletes who have won Olympic Gold Medals? It is time to bring newspaper cuttings, Olympic information and sports information to SPORTS OLYMPIC CENTRAL – Room 21!



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6 responses to “Olympic Gold Medals

  1. Patrick Ryan

    Hi Mr.Eames,I have found the seven names in order. Yvette Williams, Valerie Adams, Usain Bolt,Michael Phelps,Evers-Swindell-Twins,Hamesh Carter and Rafael Nadal. hope they are right.
    From Patrick.

  2. Logan King

    1 yvette williams – she was the first woman from NZ to win a olympic gold medal in long jump at Helsinki in 1952
    2 valerie adams – she does shotput
    3 Usain Bolt – he is a sprinter from jamaica
    4 michael phelps is a swimmer from USA
    5 caroline and georgina evers-swindell – they are rowing twins and won a gold medal in 2004 and 2008
    6 hamish carter – he does triathlon which is swimming, biking and running
    7 rafael nadal – he plays tennis from spain

    I will be back soon
    from Logan

  3. Hope you are feeling better. Get well soon – from Room 21 and Mr. Eames.

  4. Seraphine

    wow that looks like fun

  5. isabellaG!

    cool sounds fun!

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