Narrative Writing – ADJECTIVES and SIMILES.

Room 21 has been working on ‘narrative writing.’ We have been looking at the ‘Story Mountain Model’ to help us retell a story. We have also been discussing the setting, characters and plot of a story. We have read a number of Zac Power stories and discussed these story elements.

My first challenge to you is to retell another story by using these story elements.

1. Where does your chosen story begin?

2. Who are the main characters in the story?

3. What is the problem in the story?

4. How does the story end?

My second challenge to you is to explain on the blog how ‘RICH ADJECTIVES’ and ‘SIMILES’ can greatly improve your writing. Give two examples of rich adjectives in a sentence and one example of a ‘FRESH SIMILE.’

1. The MUD STAINED dog ran down the wet road. (Not just a brown dog.)

2. It was raining as hard as golf balls falling on a tin roof. (Fresh new simile)



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2 responses to “Narrative Writing – ADJECTIVES and SIMILES.

  1. Logan King

    Geronimo Stilton – Down and Out Down Under – Book Review

    1 My story begins on Mouse Island at The Rodent’s Gazette and then later is in Australia in the desert
    2 Geronimo Stilton, Petunia Pretty Paws, Wolfgang Wild Paws
    3 Geronimo doesn’t like travelling and then when he gets to Australia he gets kicked by a kangaroo, wrapped in a poisonous snake and pecked by an emu and chased by a shark.
    4 The story ends Geronimo deciding he does like the nature life in a desert and has learnt lots about Australia

    Rich adjectives and similes improve your writing because it makes it sound more interesting.

    The large hairy kangaroo kicked Geronimo
    The grey spiked sharked chased Geronimo

    Geronimo ran as fast as a cheetah chasing a leopard in the jungle

    by Logan

  2. Thank you Logan – just love your original simile!

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