Room 21 Assembly – 25th May 2012.

Here are some photographs of the assembly run by Rooms 1, 14 and 21.

This is a wonderful example of Logan’s writing about his birthday!

Monday 28th May 2012.

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday.  These were the people that came to my celebration, Sam, Eli and Lewis.  First we waited for them to come. We played bey blades until everyone came, then we went to ten pin bowling.  When we booked in we were in Lane 7 and 8 and we got our shoes on and found the balls that suited us.  Then we started bowling.   I came first, 2nd was Sam, 3rd was Lewis, 4th was Eli. Then we went into the timezone.  I got 6 tickets and one Moro bar.  Then we went home and got some pizza.  The flavours were Hawaiin and plain chips. We also opened my presents.  I got a fishing box and mighty beanz.  Also 2 swords, 1 lego book and bey blades.  Then we played soccer and waited for my cousin Jordan from Gore. Then we went to mini golf.  Sam came 1st, I came 2nd, Eli came 3rd,  Lewis came 4th.  Then we drove home.  We then ate my cake, it was an angry bird’s cake and it was really yummy.   We then played soccer and then we drove them home.  1st it was Eli then Lewis and finally it was Sam.



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4 responses to “Room 21 Assembly – 25th May 2012.

  1. On Friday we did assembly it was fun. The best part was when we were doing the the song.

  2. Yes – what a great assembly – well done Room 21!
    Mr. Eames

  3. Bellarose Peters

    I wish I could have seen it

  4. Logan King

    it has been awesome doing our assembly and doing stuff on reduce reuse recycle last term and i hope i do one next year as well.

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