Danny the Champion of the World – Roald Dahl

Room 21 is reading Danny the Champion of the World.

Please answer the following questions.

1. Name three of the main characters we have met in the early chapters of this book?

2. What is the deep dark secret?

3. Where is the setting for this story?

4. Explain how ‘The Sticky Hat’ and ‘The Horse-hair Stopper’ work?

5. Why did Danny not like Mr. Victor Hazell?

6. Would you like to go poaching?





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6 responses to “Danny the Champion of the World – Roald Dahl

  1. Patrick Ryan

    1. The three main characters are Danny his father and Mr Vistor Hazel.
    2. The secret is that Danny’s father is a poacher.
    3. The setting is at the filling station and hazel wood.
    4. Instructions how the sticky hat and the horse hair stopper work.The horse
    hair stopper works by getting a horse hair from a horses tail cutting it in half and get a raison and thred it through. The sticky hat works by making a trail of raisins and leading it to a cone full of raisins. The Ferit will stick it’s head in the cone and the cone will get stuck on its head.
    5.Danny did not like Mr Victor Hazel because he was being bossy to him at the filling station.
    6. Yes because it sounds like fun!!!

  2. Just brilliant! Great reply Patrick! You remain a Room 21 SUPER STAR!!

  3. holly findlay

    1.the three main characters are danny and his father and mr vistor hazel
    2.his dad is a poacher.
    3.at the van and the woods.
    4. it goes like this you dig a hole and pot some food in it and it will eat it
    5.because he said he was filthy.

  4. Great answers Holly – I am not sure I would like to go poaching either! Holly you remain such a PLEASURE to teach!

  5. Jessalyn Richards

    1. The 3 main characters are Danny, Mr Hazelwood and danny’s dad
    2.That Danny’s dad was going poaching
    3.The setting was Hazel wood- the name of the forest
    4.You put some peanut butter on the bread, then put horse hair on each corners.
    5.Because he spoke to his son not really well
    6.Well i wouldnt really like to because your killing animals.

  6. George Haig

    You are so cool. From George Haig

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