Art from Room 21 – ‘PERSPECTIVE’

Room 21 had a wonderful art lesson this week and learnt all about PERSPECTIVE. Perspective is when objects look smaller the further away they get. The class learnt that –

1. An object gets smaller as it gets further away.

2. The eye line meets the vanishing point in a picture.

3. An object appears lighter the further back it gets.

4. Shadows show where the light is coming from.

Look at this wonderful art work from Room 21 showing perspective –









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3 responses to “Art from Room 21 – ‘PERSPECTIVE’

  1. Patrick Ryan

    These are awesome! Amanda (Pat’s mum).

  2. Max Radcliffe

    These drawings are very impressive. Well done kids! From Bronwyn Radcliffe

  3. jordan

    these drawings are so awesome

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