The Metric Measuring System – Length.

Room 21 is looking at length in Mathematics at the moment. We have already learnt that –

10 millimetres (mm)  = 1 centimetre (cm)

100 centimetres (cm) = 1 metre (m)

1000 metres (m)  = 1 kilometre (km)

Please explain to someone at home what ‘unit of measurement’ you would use to measure the length or height of the following. You might use metres or centimetres or millimetres. These questions are very challenging – are YOU up to this challenge?

1. The length of your white board pen.

2. The length of your large mathematics book.

3. The length of your favourite toy.

4. What is the distance between your home and Room 21?

5. How tall are you?

6. What is the height of the doorway of your bedroom?

7. How many centimetres are there in 3 metres?

8. How many metres are there in 5 kilometres?

9. How many millimetres are there in 4 centimetres?




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4 responses to “The Metric Measuring System – Length.

  1. Patrick Ryan

    These are the measurements I would use.
    5.m and cm

  2. Very well done Patrick! You are a Room 21 super star!

  3. Logan King

    1 cm
    2 cm
    3 cm
    4 km
    5 m and cm
    6 m
    7 300 cm
    8 5000m
    9 40mm

    I am going to try and learn more on measuring on maths buddy

    from Logan

  4. Max Radcliffe

    i love maths

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