ANZAC Day 25th April.

ANZAC Day is on 25th April. Look at the following pictures and talk to your parents. Use the following as a starting point to your discussion.

1. Tell somebody at home all about Simpson and his Donkey.

2. What is the setting for this true story?

3. Why do you think Simpson was such a    brave man?

4. What does ANZAC stand for?

5. What flowers are used to remember all of the brave soldiers that fought in the world wars?

6. What is the name of the music played on the trumpet at the end of an ANZAC memorial service?



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6 responses to “ANZAC Day 25th April.

  1. Jessalyn Richards

    I have talked to my mum and dad about all these questions. I really liked learning about ANZAC Day. Love From Jessalyn

  2. isabellaG!

    It was verry fun learning about ANZAC day!!!!!!!

  3. I really enjoyed studying ANZAC day.

  4. Logan King

    i talked to my mum about anzac day. mums grandad was in the war. she showed me the music called the last post on the computer. I would like to go to a early morning service next year. from Logan

  5. Max Radcliffe

    i hope there are no more wars

  6. Ethan


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