‘Keeping Healthy’

Room 21 is looking at ‘Keeping Healthy.’ We are discussing how to have a healthy heart and how best to take care of our teeth. Look at the pictures and answer the following questions.

Healthy Teeth

1. How long should you brush your teeth for?

2. How many teeth does an adult have?

3. Why should you look after your teeth?

4. What are the teeth called at the back of your mouth?

5. Show a member of your family how to clean their teeth properly.


Healthy Heart

1. Name 5 ways to keep a healthy heart?

2. Why does keeping fit help your heart?

3. How many times does your heart beat in one minute?

4. Why does your heart beat faster when you have just been for a run?

5. Take the pulse of a member of your family and tell them how many times their heart beats every minute.



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3 responses to “‘Keeping Healthy’

  1. Logan King

    1. two minutes
    2. 32
    3. because when you are an adult you don’t get any more teeth if any of them fall out because you haven’t looked after them very well
    4 molars

    I will do the heart questions later. I had to google some of these up because I had forgotten. I really was listening Mr. Eames I promise.

  2. I know you were listening – you are a Room 21 STAR! Thank you for your interest and for answering the questions!
    Mr. Eames

  3. holly findlay

    1.two min.
    3.because you have one time to look after your teeth.
    5.we will !!!

    from s Summer and Holly!!!!!

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