The Hellenic Community School – Zimbabwe.

Room 21 would like to welcome Year 3 children from Hellenic School Zimbabwe. Mr. Eames had the pleasure of meeting your teacher, Mrs. Parkinson and looking around your school while on holiday in January. We are so excited about writing to you this year and talking about our classroom, country and learning experiences. Welcome to Room 21, Paparoa Street School! Please add any comments to our class blog.




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8 responses to “The Hellenic Community School – Zimbabwe.

  1. Jessalyn Richards

    Hello Hellenic school, i like your classroom. From Jessalyn.

  2. Logan King

    Hi Hellenic school – your classroom looks cool. What do you keep in the bags on the back of your chairs ? We don’t have those in our classroom. From Logan

  3. laura brophy

    cool classroom hellenic school

  4. Max Radcliffe

    cool class hellenic school

  5. holly findlay

    cool from Holly!!!!!

  6. Bellarose

    WOW! hi hellenic school your class room looks so cool!

  7. Seraphine

    wow!!!!!!! cool

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