Fantastic Mr. Fox – Roald Dahl

Room 21 has just finished reading ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ by Roald Dahl. In our class reading we have been looking at characters, setting, plot and how a story ends. Please see if you can answer the following questions –

1. Can you name 2 settings for this story?

2. Who are the the main characters in this story? Who are three of the minor characters in the story?

3. At any stage in the story do you feel sorry for the three farmers?

4. Do you like the way the story ends? (Would you like to live underground? Explain your answer to an adult.

5. Name four other books written by this popular author?

6. Be brave and write a short book report on ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ and submit it to this blog!



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11 responses to “Fantastic Mr. Fox – Roald Dahl

  1. Logan King

    1. on a farm and in a hole
    2. fantastic mr .fox, bunce, bean and boris. minor are mrs. fox and children
    3. yes when mr. fox stole their veges
    4. yes but I wouldn’t like to live underground because there is no daylight
    5 the twits, danny the champion of the world, james and the giant peach and charlie and the chocolate factory

  2. Dominique Parkinson

    How exciting Room 21 – we LOVE Roald Dahl and are currently reading James and The Giant Peach! From Grade 3 P – Hellenic Primary School.

  3. Patrick Ryan

    For the last few weeks my class has been reading FANTASTIC MR FOX. It is all about Mr Foxs family trying to escape Bogis, Bunce and Bean because they are trying to kill Mr Fox’s familly with gun ‘s and gun pouder.They escape by digging a very very long tunnel. On the way Mr Fox’s wife got very tired. One of the small foxs stayed to look after her while the other four carried on. Mr Fox is aiming for Bogises chicken house number one and they got there.When they got inside they collected 6 chickens and hurried off. Then they went to bunces turkey cage and got some turkeys too. Then they ran away to Beans big storage room of his special apple juice. The story ends when they found a good living place and stayed there for the rest of their lives with Mr Fox collecting all the food. My favourite bit was when they were collecting all the special food.
    THE END (my mum helped me with some typing at the end cos I got tired!)

  4. Lewis Whiteside

    I thought that Fantastic Mr Fox was great because Mr Fox hepled others and their families keep safe by digging a hole. He did this because Bunce, Boggis and Bean were digging with a truck and they had to get food because otherwise Bunce, Boggis and Bean would eat them. They crept and got chicken, sausages and pork.
    (I dictated this to my mum and she typed it for me)

    By Lewis

  5. Patrick Ryan

    Fantastic Room 21 – love Pat’s Dad!

  6. Kaitlyn Sutherland

    I really enjoyed reading this story by Roald Dahl, he writes very funny stories. I think that it was a happy ending because Fantastic Mr Fox got a place where he could live and have food for the rest of his life. I am also looking forward to watching the movie at school. I have also got the movie of Fantastic Mr Fox on my TV. I really don’t want to live under ground because it would always be dark and cold.

  7. isabellaG!

    I loved that book!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. laura brophy

    I loved that book,
    my sister hopes shes in your class next year.

  9. Yiyen

    I enjoyd the move on cross country day and the book. Maybe my friend hayley will study at this school

  10. I love the blog so dasdad.

  11. holly findlay

    i love the book so much it would be my coolest book ever.

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