Persuasive Writing

Room 21 is now looking at Persuasive Writing. To persuade someone means –

“to convince the person to agree with your viewpoint or to accept your idea”

For example –

‘We should all go swimming today’ said Tom.  This is why we should go swimming –

1. It is very hot.

2. We have our togs ready.

3. Tomorrow it might rain.

4. We will all get fitter.

 5. It is our turn to go swimming.

Good ideas. I would certainly let Tom go swimming because of his list of sensible reasons.

Now see if you can persuade people by using the following success criteria in your writing.

1. Have a great opening sentence

2. Include facts

3. Use good word choices

4. Have a strong closing sentence.



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4 responses to “Persuasive Writing

  1. Dominique Parkinson

    Hello Room 21! We are so excited to see your ideas on Persuasive Writing. The Grade 3’s in Zimbabwe have never done Persuasive Writing before, but our class are going to give it a bash because it looks like lots of fun!! We would love to see more examples of your work, and maybe we can send you some of ours???
    From Grade 3P – Hellenic Primary School, Harare, Zimbabwe

  2. Wonderful to hear from you Hellenic Primary School. We will certainly show you some more examples of our persuasive writing. We would like to see a photograph of you all!
    Best wishes from all in Room 21

  3. Logan King

    I have told my mum about our persuasive mum didn’t know what persuasive writing was. i will try to do persuasive writing to get a day off school.

  4. Lewis Whiteside

    I would like to have a day off like Logan. Why?
    1. I have been working long hours, at school from 9am-3pm, which is 6 hours a day
    2. It is still 4 1/2 weeks til the holidays
    3. So that I can practise cross country at Hagley Park
    4. I have been trying hard with writing and maths
    By Lewis

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