Food For Thought

Today Room 21 had a visit from the FOOD LADY. We certainly learnt a lot! See if you can explain why we need to –

1. Eat at least 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit each day.

2. Eat at least 4 servings of bread and cereal every day.

3. Choose foods that are –

Low in fat

Low in sugar

High in fibre

Low in sodium (salt)

Please explain the Food Pyramid.

Today we also learnt other important information –

Exercise at least 30 minutes per day.

Water needs to be your main drink of the day.

Always have breakfast – it gets your body started for the day.



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6 responses to “Food For Thought

  1. Cool article. One thing that always got me at school though is that they never mentioned what the healthy portion serving size was.

    Only later on as an adult did I ever find out.

    Meat – palm of your hand and thick as a deck of cards.
    Veggies – rest of the dinner plate. Ie spread out hand size.

    Following your own hand size here too… So a bigger handed person would eat more than a smaller handed person.

    Best of luck. Hoping that this will rub off onto the kids.

  2. Logan King

    I think some of those foods look tasty. I think I need to eat more fruit but I am good with veges

  3. Lewis Whiteside

    Lewis Whiteside
    March 7 2012
    I like 3 fruits and 3 vegies and I think that I could try to eat new vegies and fruits.

  4. Patrick Ryan

    Patrick has been a great teacher at home teaching me about the good foods with the (heart foundation) “tick”, which made me think very carefully about what I was buying at the supermarket today!! Patrick has worked out that the very best foods (fruit and veges) don’t have a tick!


  5. Kaitlyn Sutherland

    I really enjoyed the food lady coming to our class, she showed us lots of healthy things to eat. I learnt that vegetables and fruit are healthier than white bread, but it is OK to have sometimes but we should mostly eat brown bread. I really enjoyed making our own food pyramid by putting the pretend food on the pyramid. I hope she comes again.

  6. isabellaG!

    I loved that

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