Place Value – “Think about this?”

Room 21 is looking at PLACE VALUE. See if you can answer some of these questions. Remember that –

– Place value is our  number system.

– The place of a digit in a number shows its value.  

Talk to your mum/dad and answer some of these questions –

1. How many tens in 35? Answer = 3

2. How many tens in 26? Answer?

3. How many tens in 89? Answer?

4. How many hundreds in 256? Answer = 2

5. How many hundreds in 654? Answer?

6. What is the value of the 7 in 372? Answer?

7. What is the value of the 7 in 735? Answer?

8. What is the value of the 7 in 17? Answer?




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6 responses to “Place Value – “Think about this?”

  1. Hannah Oates

    What a fabulous idea Nigel. Hope you know what the answers are!

  2. Max Radcliffe

    its really good


  3. Al Drayton

    Nick whipped through the place value questions and really likes the blog page. We also did the “Hippo” questions last week too.

    Great stuff. Keep it coming.

  4. Logan King

    I did this and the Hippo questions with Mum the other day. Today I looked at Maths Buddy – it is cool.

  5. Patrick Ryan

    hi Mr Eames I’v done all the questions.My Mum is no good at maths!

    From PATRICK.

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