Paparoa Street School – Room 21 (2012)

Room 21. Paparoa Street School.

Room 21


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10 responses to “Paparoa Street School – Room 21 (2012)

  1. godzoned (Debbie)

    oh look how cute they all are!
    I bet they are going to look so big at the end of the year!

  2. Yi-Yen

    I LOVE the photo love Yiyen

  3. Logan King

    Room 21 is awesome!!!!!

  4. Great classroom photo! Summer says Hi.

  5. Jessalyn Richards

    I love the photo and i love being in room 21.

  6. isabellaG!

    you look awesome room 21!!!

  7. Summer Irvine

    Summer listened to the 3 R’s twice, she know the words really well now.

  8. Hi George Haig here I all ways check
    Your blog all the amazing stuff
    On it. Oh no it is 9.00 I better get to bed by. From George Haig

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