Different Types Transport

Just look at the different forms of transport.

Can you name them all?

Can you think of five other forms of transport?

Think about how useful they are and how they carry people or items around.

Do you have a favourite form of transport?




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3 responses to “Different Types Transport

  1. isabella.G

    Bike, Scooter, Skate bord, Car, Airoplane, Boat, Train, Space Ship.

  2. Josie

    Others could be skiis, biscuit, hot air balloon, plane, roller skates. My favourite transport is biscuiting.

    The head on the WE Cup are a satyr and a nymph!! I will explain tomorrow.


    • neve

      NEVE. My favourite transport is a train. My second favourite is skiing. My third favourite is biscuiting.I love the photos. NEVE.

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