Bridge Building.

Room 21 had a wonderful day on Friday when Mr. Grant arrived and built a beam bridge that was designed by Oliver, George and Roan.

Mr. Grant had a good look at the ‘plan’ and with the use of his spirit level, tape measure, hammer and drill MADE the bridge, with the help of Room 21. We certainly learnt a lot about how to build a bridge and what tools to use.

We learnt a lot. 

On behalf of Room 21 ‘Thank you’ Mr. Grant.




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4 responses to “Bridge Building.

  1. Tania Soal

    You are very clever in Room 21. You have helped build an awesome bridge. Maybe you could help start rebuilding Christchurch with your new learning and knowledge. Tumeke.

  2. Meg

    Great job Mr.Grant!!

  3. fuschia

    thankyou Mr.Grant !!!

  4. Roan Brown

    What an awesome bridge! It is so great to see really meaningful and authentic learning! I know that takes a lot of effort – so well done Mr Eames, Mr Grant and the Room 21 kids! What is the plan with the bridge now?

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