World Cup Rugby 2011

The World Cup Rugby competition is about to start! 

Did you know –

Opening Match – 9 September 2011

45 days of rugby action

20 teams

48 matches

900 players and support staff

1.65 million tickets

85,000 visitors

$500 million dollars to New Zealand 

Final Match – 23rd October 2011 


Rugby World Cup 2011


Choose a team from the competition and do some research into their culture, language and the country they come from. 



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11 responses to “World Cup Rugby 2011

  1. Isabella Galvan

    ok sure.

  2. laura

    RUGBY WORLD CUP ok i,ll do it



  4. Meg

    Go the All Blacks!!!!

  5. seraphine

    go the all blacks

  6. oliver

    were beating Austraila.Bring the cup to us.all the way allblacks!!!!

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