Suspension Bridge – made by Josie from Room 21

Look at this wonderful example of a ‘Suspension Bridge’ – made by Josie. Just look at the piles, supporting cables and beam. The challenge continues – make a ‘Suspension Bridge’ just using paper and tape. Thank you Josie!

Suspension Bridge


Suspension Bridge



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5 responses to “Suspension Bridge – made by Josie from Room 21

  1. Hugo

    Josie amazing Bridge. I travel over the Auckland Harbour Bridge alot, we count how many times we travel over. Hugo

  2. Hugo

    Hi Room 21
    We have been making the most of our time in Auckland, recently we went to watch the All Blacks play Australia at Eden Park. This was my first test match that I have been too, we loved it. During the school holidays I went on the Ferry from Devonport into Auckland, visited the Zoo and went up the Sky Tower for the first time. I am playing rippa rugby for my new school, we have a tournament on Thursday, I am also going to play in my school touch team. We missed the snow this week, I was hoping it was going to snow here as well. I enjoy reading the blog.

  3. Isabella Galvan

    wow grate bridge Josie!!!

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