SNOW DAY – Tell me all about your “SNOW DAY?”

I would like to hear all about your SNOW DAY – Room 21. Please post a reply on the Room 21 BLOG. I was very cold and the picture shows me trying to clear the snow outside of my home. 

Mr. Eames clearing the snow!



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8 responses to “SNOW DAY – Tell me all about your “SNOW DAY?”

  1. Josie

    We had a great day and built a snow man and an igloo. I will show everyone a picture next week!

  2. Seraphine

    I was in Napier on the mountains.I made a snow man and I threw a snowball at my sister.I ate snow.

  3. Isabella Galvan

    snow is sooooooo cold but fun!!!!!!!!

  4. laura brophy

    Snow day was fun.
    We threw snowballs my daddy was just about to go to Auckland but his flight was canseled for two or three days

  5. Roan Brown

    We went tobogganing in our street and made a snowman. We had a snow fight with the neighbors! It was fun doing tackle rugby in the snow!

  6. Raiha

    I made a snow dog but Stan smash it .Alex and Morgan made a snow girl/snow women. We had a race on the sleds too .

  7. Meg

    Snow day was soooo cool we had lots of snowball fights!

  8. Isabella Galvan

    I had a snow fight!!!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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