‘The Crocodile and the Ostrich’ …. and Bridges!

Room 21 is just finishing writing ‘The Ostrich and the Crocodile.’ We have looked at the main characters, the setting and the problem. I am sure you will be able to answer the following questions about this myth.

1. Who are the main characters?

2. Where is the setting for this myth?

3. What was the problem in this myth?

4. How does this myth end?

5. Do you feel sorry for the crocodile or the ostrich?

Next term Room 21 will be looking at BRIDGES! Just think about bridges for a while?

Why are they made? How are they made? Are there famous bridges? Why are these bridges famous? 

Think ‘BRIDGES’ Room 21 – and have a WONDERFUL holiday!

Rainbow Bridge




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4 responses to “‘The Crocodile and the Ostrich’ …. and Bridges!

  1. Josie

    The main character are the ostrich & crocodile!

    The myth is in Africa by a river and the problem is the Croc has tooth ache.

    In the end the Ostrich gets a long neck!

    I feel sorry for the Croc really because he still has a tooth ache.

  2. fuschia

    1.the ostrich & the crocodile baboon & kudu.
    2.the river.
    3.the crocodile had a toothache.
    4.the ostrich loves his long neck.
    5.the crocodile no but the ostrich yes.

  3. fuschia

    have a wonderful holiday Mr.Eames.

  4. Isabella Galvan

    I likeed that book.

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