Myths and Legends – Room 21

Room 21 is now looking at Myths and Legends. We have been reading how Maui Tames the Sun. I would like all children in Room 21 to answer the following questions.

1. What is the difference between a myth and a legend?

2. Is ‘Maui Tames the Sun’ a myth or a legend?

3. Please explain the parts of a ‘Story Mountain?’

4. Who are the main characters in ‘Maui Tames the Sun’?

5. Where is the setting for the ‘Maui Tames the Sun’?

6. What is your favourite myth or legend? Write four sentences explaining the plot of your favourite myth or legend.



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7 responses to “Myths and Legends – Room 21

  1. Joseph Duncan

    Hi Mr Eames,
    I have been on the blog site with my grandma. Did you know that I love Roald Dahl stories

  2. fuschia

    I love myths and legends Mr. Eames??

  3. laura brophy

    Hi Mr.Eames
    A myth is not true
    and a legend is true:D

  4. laura brophy

    Maui and the sun is a myth

  5. fuschia

    1. A myth is a story that is not true and a legend is a story that is true.
    2.maui tames the sun is a myth..
    3.characters Maui Brothers and the Sun.Setting suns resting place the cave.Beginning Once maui herd his brothers saying that they didnt get enough time to fish.Middle Maui had a plan to tame the sun.So maui and his brothers set off and got some ropes.Then maui found a cave then maui hid so then maui’s brothers saw the sun and grabbed him and the sun said (what are you doing to me.)Maui said we need more time to fish. End then the sun promised Maui to slow down and Maui got to fish.
    4.The main characters are Maui and his brothers and the sun.
    5.The setting is the suns resting place and the cave.
    6.My favourite myth and legend is zoo babies its about a cheetah cub.In the story it says that cheetahs can up to 70 miles per hour.And it says about the birds can fly faster than a cheetah can run.The mother keeps her babies in a box filled with straw at or zoo home.Cheetahs come from the grassy plains in africa.

  6. Isabella Galvan

    1. A myth is a story that is not true and a legend is a story that is true.
    2.It is a myth. 3.???????????????????????????????????????
    4. The main characters are Maui his brothers and the sun.
    5. The setting is at the suns resting place.
    6. They are all my favorite!

  7. neve

    to mr eames i have some imfomation about aquducts. they carry water on the top of them. I loved that video, my favorate part was when that guy put the wine in the pipe and it went up and it ran down into the pottle. It was amasing . I never knew they could do that. All of the bridges yorve shown me are so cool.Ihave lots of favorate bridges . my first favorate is the wun that can open up and lets the boats come throaght.

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