Room 21 – June 2011

It has certainly been busy times in Room 21. We have just finished Cultural Day – and well done to all who dressed up and took part in the day! We have children in Room 21 that have a link to  Africa, Australia, Samoa, Italy, USA, England and New Zealand. Wow! Be proud of your heritage!

In Room 21 we are now looking at Myths and Legends. If you have an example of a Myth or Legend please bring it to the classroom to share.

In Topic we are looking at seasons, the sun, day and night and the weather. If you have any books that could help with these topics please do bring them to school. 

Keep warm and be kind to each other!

Below is some art work and some awards won by children in Room 21!



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8 responses to “Room 21 – June 2011


    This is great!! Myths and the seasons… lets get thinking!!


    I love the seasons!!!!!!

  3. Hannah and Abby - Rm 8

    Those pieces of artwork are really cool room 21! The creativity is soooooo cool! I love the different seasons and they are so colourful and bright!

  4. Isabella Galvan

    Keep the great sport up class!!!!!!!!!!

  5. phoebe oregan room 8

    wow i love the picture of the seasons…….awesome artwork


  6. Oliver

    Hi Mr Eames

    When I got my trophy my dad gave me a very hard hi five.I was the last one to get a prize but the first to get a trophy. I play for WESTON!!!!.Todays game it was a draw 1 all. I love to play soccer!!!!!!!!!!. I play defence.

    by Oliver

  7. Miss Campbell

    Nice touch Mr Eames, to celebrate your children’s achievements outside of school too.

  8. Where are you staying in Kaikoura? Are you going to watch the whales and seals! Apparently Kaikoura has the best fish and chips in New Zealand, so go and get some while there is no queue.!

    from Travis

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