Cultural Week In Room 21

Room 21 is looking forward to Cultural Week! It is going to be such fun. Here are a few questions you could be asking and talking about as we build up to the week.

1. Where do your ancestors come from?

2. What language other than English is spoken in your  family?

3. What festivals do you celebrate as part of your culture?

4. Mr. Eames sees himself as African! Why would he say that?

5. What things make you a Kiwi?

6. What have you learnt about different cultures and celebrations over the last few weeks?

Think about your costume and what you will wear on Friday!



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15 responses to “Cultural Week In Room 21


    My name is Josie and I am from room 21. My ancestors are from England, Ireland & Scotland. I have a Kiwi dad and an English mum. We only really speak English but I can speak some Maori. We celebrate Easter, Christmas and Valentine’s.

    Mr Eames would say he is African because it is true. Everyone knows he is from Zimbabwe!!! That is in Africa.

    Things Kiwi about me are green eyes, my brother is very Kiwi because he likes Country Calendar and rugby a lot.

    Cook Islanders wear special coats. In Samoa they wear lava lava on Sunday.

    I plan to wear a Kimono on Friday but my mum thinks I should wear a Union Jack.

  2. Seraphine

    we celebrate easter christmas valantines and halloween

  3. Isabella G

    My ancestors are from Italy from my mother’s side and New Zealand Maori on my dad’s side. On my dad’s side they sometimes speak Maori, and on my mother’s side they always speak Italian. We celebrate Easter, Christmas and our birthdays. Mr Eames would say that because he comes from Zimbabwe. I am a kiwi because I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand. My cousins were born in Ireland and they are not kiwis. Over the past couple of weeks at school, I have learnt where other countries are in the world. I think I will dress up in mufti clothes with the New Zealand flag around my neck like at the Commonwealth Games.

  4. laura brophy

    My great Nana was born in England.All my other great grandparents were born in New Zealand.But their ancestors were born in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. I have no Maori in me. But i like learning about maori because it is part of New Zealand.I am a kiwi.

    I was born in a hospital called Chrischurch Woman’s Hospital, the old one. It got demolished .

    My family only speak’s english. We celebreate Chirstmas, Easter, Halloween, my birthday and valantines.Things kiwi about me are that i have brown eyes like my mummy. I have brown hair.We are lucky to have pets a cat and a rabbit.

    Mr.Eames sees himself a african because Zinbabwe is in afirca.

    On friday i am going to be an England girl.

  5. shannon lloyd (Lauras mum)

    Laura is very lucky to have got her mum’s eyes, and lovely long brown hair. Learning about where she has come from has been exciting, especially what counties have mixed to become a fantastic blend of 100% kiwi girl.

  6. Miss Hynds

    I am very lucky to be a part of room 21 over cultural week!
    My grandparents come from Holland. I think that is really special and one day I would love to go there and meet some of my cousins. Holland is full of beautiful gardens with tulips and their main colour is orange.
    I was raised in here in Christchurch and I never knew any language but English till I went to Teachers College. Now I am learning Maori and I love teaching it as well!
    Christmas and Easter are both really special celebrations in my family for me and I also remember Waitangi day and Anzac day as special days of the year for New Zealanders.
    It is very cool that room 21 get to have a teacher from Africa and I am looking forward to hearing Mr Eames say hello to us in his own language on Friday if we are really lucky!!!

  7. Roan Brown

    My ancestors come from Northern Ireland on my Dad’s side. My great grandfather came to New Zealand from Antrim when he was a teenager. My mother’s ancestors are from the Ngati Kahu Ngu Ngu tribe in Gisborne. This topic has been great because it has made me interested in learning about my maori heritage. We speak English at home. We celebrate Christmas, Easter, Anzac day and birthdays. Mr Eames is from Africa!!! I am a kiwi because I am from NZ, I love rugby and cricket and I love kiwifruit! I have enjoyed learning about different cultures and finding them on maps! I am excited about my costume!

  8. fuschia

    Hello mr Eames . My mum is from christchurch and my dad is from samoa. We celebrate halloween my birthday easter and christmas. My cousin is samoan like me. My grandma and grandad are from samoa aswell

  9. Miss Campbell

    Great response to your Cultural topic. I love how you are maintaining this blog.
    My ancestors come from Scotland & Ireland, so that make me a Celt!
    I speak English but was taught Gaelic when I was at school. Unfortunately I can’t remember any now. I also learned to speak French during High School, which was a good help when I lived in France for 2 months. I can also teach Maori.
    My family like to celebrate Christmas, birthdays, Easter. When I lived in Hong Kong I celebrated Chinese New Year.
    I think everyone at Paparoa Street knows Mr Eames comes from Zimbabwe. I admire his passion and wealth of knowledge about his culture.
    What’s Kiwi about me? My precious new daughter, Lusia, was born in NZ

    • Mrs Pearson

      Wow Room 21 I am most impressed with your blog. I can see you have all learned so much about your own families and others during this great topic.
      Cultural week was very special, I felt very proud of all of you. Everyone looked amazing! What a fantastic way for us to celebrate the different cultures we have at Paparoa Street School. A huge thanks to Mrs Saunders and her amazing team for all their hard work putting it together.
      Congrats on a wonderful blog Mr Eames… I wonder if your children could teach my New Entrants how to do this!

  10. flynn

    my ancestors are from scandanavia and scotland
    I celebrate my birthday and family birthdays and christmas and easter
    Well dah everyone knows he’s from zimbabwa
    I love pavalova and kiwifruits
    they are all the same but different

  11. Danny Jeon (Travis's buddy)

    Wow,I’m impressed. ∆
    You learned a lot of things. ∆
    You guys are going to be smart!!!!!!!!!!!!! ∆
    Even smarter than me when your a senior student! ∆

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