22nd March 2011 – Welcome Miss. Johansson!

22 March 2011

Dear Diary and Room 21

For the past week I have spent my days as part of the Room 21 team at Paparoa Street School. I have really enjoyed getting to know all the smiling faces in the classroom and am looking forward to spending the rest of the term with them.

I have a real passion for literacy and read every day to keep this passion alive. I have always had a strength in Mathematics and really look forward to sharing this strength with the students I have the pleasure of working with. In my spare time I also like to go for walks, scrap book and bake.

I recently got a kitten whom we named Flanders. She is extremely playful and a joy to have join our family. I feel very privileged to be welcomed into Room 21 and am looking forward to working with everyone involved.

Miss Johansson



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5 responses to “22nd March 2011 – Welcome Miss. Johansson!

  1. fuschia


  2. fuschia sara

    I love it ???

  3. phoebe oregan room 8

    wow you must love kittens i don’t have any pets!!!

  4. laura brophy


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