Room 21’s Portraits

On the 22nd February Room 21 spent the morning at the Art Gallery. Just look at the portraits completed by the children. Please do come into Room 21 to view this wonderful art work.



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6 responses to “Room 21’s Portraits


    Hi Room 21

    This is amazing!!! I am so looking forward to watching what you will be doing this year, Keep up the amazing work Mrs Field

  2. shan and kyle brophy

    good work

  3. Adela Brown

    These artworks are fabulous Room 21! You should all be very proud of the wonderful work you did at the gallery! I will look forward to seeing your work online – well done Mr Eames!

  4. Jacqui Duncan

    Well done everyone!

  5. Melinda Bramwell

    Well done Room 21, these are fantastic. What fun you all had doing these. I am looking forward to seeing more wonderful work on the Blog.

  6. george

    What great work room 21, they are all so colourful and make me smile.
    From Georges Mum

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